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2009-01-13 10:19:34 by Whitey767

Hi everyone!!

Long time since I made a post, Ample Sound's been solidly working on music

In the past year, we've almost finished our entire "first" album, and learnt alot about music, both composition and mixing

The Album will be called "Seeing Colours", and the title track we are writing at the moment, has some awesome lyrics and chords, its a major project but we hope to completely finish the album by easter this year

We're perfectionsists you see...

We've learnt the art of build ups, breaks, structure and arrangement, and also alot of mastering things like PHATTENing up the beat and make the music sound more... pro, and BIG
Everytime we use Ableton though, we learn something new, and we are constantly improving (we hope)

The latest track, "Glide" we finished this week, and its what some of the album is sounding like
But all our music is very varied as our influences change and mix up over time

Whilst we were busy making music, I always had a massive input in "mattuiop", my brothers, music and his track "Last One Standing" is going to feature in our album, with an audio face-lift!!

Hope you enjoy the new tracks!!




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2009-01-17 16:38:20

Lol, can't wait! :P