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2007-10-05 17:40:09 by Whitey767

Hi guys,
I'm Whitey, (as most people call me)
I basically got a newgrounds account to publicise my band, Ample Sound's, music
Me and my mate Henry (aka PsychoHaGiS) started early 2006 and made music on the simple program Dance eJay 6, which is mostly compiling a load of pre-made samples, so requires minimal musical talent
From there we just made loads of tracks and really only aimed on making an album, regardless of how shit it was, well obviously we had standards but...
We made an album called Dawn Till Dusk, purely for our own satisafction and we individually made seperate track which actually were not bad, but now we have decided finally to buy a pro piece of software called ABLETON LIVE (7), bands like Daft Punk use.
Music made by that will come in time i promise, and we hope to make money from it as well.

I have a very mucisal background and so I would consider myself "experienced" in that area.
Henry on the other hand is more capable on the computer so he does more of the mixing, whilst I make the actual samples.

I'd just like to say, all feedback on tunes is welcomed, I like criticism (baring in mind this isn't the best we can do). And we hope, in the near future, to become a "listened to" band.



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2007-10-06 15:30:25

Your music is quite nice. Not the best, nor horrid. It's up there high enough to be enjoyable for the most part. I can't say I entirely enjoy them (I'm more of a techno and rock fan than I am a dance fan), but I downloaded 3 out of the 4 you have so far so I can listen to them again in the future.

I hope to see more music in the future by ya.


Whitey767 responds:

hey cheers for the comment
yeh the tracks, in my opinion get better as the album progresses
But there's this stupid only submit 2 a day crap so yeh
you'll like a track coming later called "Rock Bottom" it's kinda rocky