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Mini Mix

2009-11-18 18:57:41 by Whitey767

Hi everyone,
I'ts been a LONG time again since I have posted anything on newgrounds, but I have been hard at work producing music inside and outside uni. The mini mix I submitted is an example of the wave manipulation I do and it was good fun making it
Enjoy listening and credit goes to all the bands who made the music, I just cut it up and stuck it together

On the band front, Ample Sound have been working hard and are close to releasing their debut album "Seeing Colours". On top of this, we have recruited a new member; Jack Porter, who has helped us with writing songs in the past. But now, with his inspirations, we are taking a whole new direction, still with mine and Henry's inspirations in tact

Mini Mix


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2009-11-19 14:50:48

NICE work!!!


2009-11-19 14:51:07

btw like that pic!