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Entry #7


2012-08-30 20:11:01 by Whitey767

It has been a very very long time, and I've been producing a lot!

I formed a new band with two other guys last July called The Disciples and it's really taking off. Check us out -, its kind of very Pendulum-inspired electronic rocky stuff.

In other news, due to me producing lots and lots, I have learned a lot and injected a lot of that knowledge into a song I made randomly with a mate literally days ago. It happened really quickly, just sparking eachother's ideas and was rather successful I hope.
Let me know what you think!

Probably post in a year or something...
Good day!



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2012-09-01 00:34:47

that looks like a baby's hand

Whitey767 responds:

thats because i am one