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2012-08-30 20:11:01 by Whitey767

It has been a very very long time, and I've been producing a lot!

I formed a new band with two other guys last July called The Disciples and it's really taking off. Check us out -, its kind of very Pendulum-inspired electronic rocky stuff.

In other news, due to me producing lots and lots, I have learned a lot and injected a lot of that knowledge into a song I made randomly with a mate literally days ago. It happened really quickly, just sparking eachother's ideas and was rather successful I hope.
Let me know what you think!

Probably post in a year or something...
Good day!


Feel The Bass

2010-03-18 17:03:24 by Whitey767

Put a new tune up, Feel The Bass. We christened our youtube account with it - if you have youtube, subscribe away!
Seeing Colours, our debut album, is very near completion now, and is currently being mastered by Adam Vanryne, due for release in early 2011. Exciting stuff!

Keep listening, add/subscribe to us:
Facebook: 40706009?ref=ts


Mini Mix

2009-11-18 18:57:41 by Whitey767

Hi everyone,
I'ts been a LONG time again since I have posted anything on newgrounds, but I have been hard at work producing music inside and outside uni. The mini mix I submitted is an example of the wave manipulation I do and it was good fun making it
Enjoy listening and credit goes to all the bands who made the music, I just cut it up and stuck it together

On the band front, Ample Sound have been working hard and are close to releasing their debut album "Seeing Colours". On top of this, we have recruited a new member; Jack Porter, who has helped us with writing songs in the past. But now, with his inspirations, we are taking a whole new direction, still with mine and Henry's inspirations in tact

Mini Mix


2009-01-13 10:19:34 by Whitey767

Hi everyone!!

Long time since I made a post, Ample Sound's been solidly working on music

In the past year, we've almost finished our entire "first" album, and learnt alot about music, both composition and mixing

The Album will be called "Seeing Colours", and the title track we are writing at the moment, has some awesome lyrics and chords, its a major project but we hope to completely finish the album by easter this year

We're perfectionsists you see...

We've learnt the art of build ups, breaks, structure and arrangement, and also alot of mastering things like PHATTENing up the beat and make the music sound more... pro, and BIG
Everytime we use Ableton though, we learn something new, and we are constantly improving (we hope)

The latest track, "Glide" we finished this week, and its what some of the album is sounding like
But all our music is very varied as our influences change and mix up over time

Whilst we were busy making music, I always had a massive input in "mattuiop", my brothers, music and his track "Last One Standing" is going to feature in our album, with an audio face-lift!!

Hope you enjoy the new tracks!!



New Album

2008-05-19 07:09:16 by Whitey767

I have submitted a track, not the best one by far, to give a taster of our new "style" of music, using Ableton Live. I might submit the album later, but either way, I will say when our tunes are up on our myspace.

Hi everyone!!
I've now finished submitting Dawn Till Dusk, thats all 15 tracks
any feedback on any tracks would be returned

I am now going to submit some significantly better works, made after the album
They may eventually make it to an album but for now, they are individual tracks



Ample Sound - Dawn TIll Dusk - - Finished Submitting


2007-10-05 17:40:09 by Whitey767

Hi guys,
I'm Whitey, (as most people call me)
I basically got a newgrounds account to publicise my band, Ample Sound's, music
Me and my mate Henry (aka PsychoHaGiS) started early 2006 and made music on the simple program Dance eJay 6, which is mostly compiling a load of pre-made samples, so requires minimal musical talent
From there we just made loads of tracks and really only aimed on making an album, regardless of how shit it was, well obviously we had standards but...
We made an album called Dawn Till Dusk, purely for our own satisafction and we individually made seperate track which actually were not bad, but now we have decided finally to buy a pro piece of software called ABLETON LIVE (7), bands like Daft Punk use.
Music made by that will come in time i promise, and we hope to make money from it as well.

I have a very mucisal background and so I would consider myself "experienced" in that area.
Henry on the other hand is more capable on the computer so he does more of the mixing, whilst I make the actual samples.

I'd just like to say, all feedback on tunes is welcomed, I like criticism (baring in mind this isn't the best we can do). And we hope, in the near future, to become a "listened to" band.